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Digital transformation
Digital transformation is the driver of agile prioritization.

The central issue in the overarching prioritization in the environment of IT projects is the organization and cooperation between the agile teams:

How are coordination processes ideally regulated in the agile environment – especially overarching requirements in complex IT systems and software projects?
In addition, the question arises as to how – in the case of software development in a domain with several technically separate products – the domain-specific sub-aspects of the domain and the technical documentation of the software products can complement each other and how such documentation can be created and updated in an agile manner.

Agile models for organizing digital transformation:
The Large-Scale Agile Frameworks are the agile models for digital transformation in large organizations.

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The digital transformation places diverse demands on organizations and requires a rethinking of organizational structures.
Methods and solutions for digital transformation
Highly specialized teams are in demand, and new tools are desired as working tools for effective communication between teams. Agile collaboration brings new rules of behavior into play and, above all, demands an agile mindset from everyone involved.

Companies that do not use purely standard software products, but rather establish their processes and services on individualized software solutions, face the following challenges when developing software – as part of complex IT systems:

While companies want widely customized software based on their individual requirements, software vendors are interested in largely standardized software products. The dilemma between individualization and efficient standardization results in corresponding prioritization requirements.
Large-Scale Agile Development
Here, Large-Scale Agile Development is designed to cover software architecture, inter-team coordination, portfolio management, and scaling in terms of software solutions and organizational structure.
Scaled Agile Framework
A Scaled Agile Framework is designed to provide an effective agile organizational model for a complex environment. In particular, this avoids focusing the responsibilities of coordination and information exchange on a single role, but instead involves an exchange between as many team members as possible.

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